Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party Movement - No wonder Pres & Napolitana is worried

After seeing some of the videos and involvement on the Tea Party Movements, I see now why Napolitana & Pres. Obam (misspelled on purpose), are concerned. I will post as much as I can , including videos about that topic in this blog... (Well, that's what I intended to do... but, as I started, my computer started acting up the moment I entered the phrase "Tea Party Movement" and has continued to do so every moment though this... Any other time I can blog and have pages after pages in about 10 minutes... It has taken nearly 2 hours to do this posting. I suggest you also Google "Tea Party Movement" and check things out.




  1. Yeah,Bigbrother is checking out everybodys computers I think they are very worried if they would just do as people ask,there would be a lot less trouble.But they feel they know whats best for us (them).

  2. Hey chigger check this out link to mine check out supreme court link.



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